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Weather and Geography

Otro_mapaDominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the island “Hispaniola” in the islands of the Antilles, is the perfect vacation in the Caribbean paradise.

The Island occupies the eastern two thirds of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean (north) and the Caribbean Sea (to the south), part of the Tropic of Cancer; limits the east, the Mona Passage and west by the Republic of Haiti. Its geographical coordinates are 17 ° 36′- 19 ° 58 ‘north latitude and 68 ° 19′-72 ° 01’ west longitude.

Due to its size of 48,442 square kilometers, including its offshore islands, is second in size of the countries of the Greater Antilles. It extends for 286 kilometers from north to south and 390 kilometers east to west. Among its outlying islands are: Saona, Beata, Catalina and Alto Velo.

It has a very rugged terrain, occupied by 50% for five mountain ranges and three major mountain ranges, within them, the central mountain range where the highest elevation in the Antilles, Pico Duarte is located (with 3.187 meters). The remaining area of ​​the country consists of four main valleys, the main Cibao Valley.

The hydrography is composed of many lakes and rivers, some of which have become tourist attractions of great importance, such as Lake Enriquillo, with its more than 1,500 miles of beautiful beaches, located in the East, North, the Northeast and South, among other things.

Due to its geographical position, has a tropical climate influenced by various geographical factors such as topography and the influence of the trade winds. It has the highest annual lowest average temperature of about 25 ° C (77 ° F), and about 34 ° C (93 ° F) recorded between the months of June to August and 19 ° C (66 ° F ) which exists between the months of December and February. In mountainous areas have been recorded temperatures of up to 5 ° C in the winter months.

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